A homegrown movement to protect the clear waters and wild rivers of Oregon's Kalmiopsis & Wild Rivers Coast

We’re in the process of updating our website

Apologies, if this site loads slow and articles need updating. Technology has left us in the dust. So we have no choice but go through the time consuming process of updating our website and moving it to a modern WordPress theme—one that’s more efficient and mobile friendly.

That’s the good news. Unfortunately, we’re slower than molasses in January. That’s the bad news.

Our (probably) lame sounding excuse? We’re doing it ourselves and web design is not our natural milieu. We came of age when newsletters were physically cut and pasted with scissors and glue sticks and then driven to the closest offset printer.Thus our learning curve is a bit steep.

What we can provide is a deep and humble knowledge of place stemming from our many years of boots-on-the-ground and noses to the grindstone of conservation. So while we may be short on technology-side. we do know a fair amount about the Kalmiopsis, its spectacular wild rivers and creeks, and the often intractable and stubborn issues and threats facing them.

Here’s an example of what  we know most about and are working to protect: The North Fork of Rough and Ready Creek in the South Kalmiopsis Roadless area and U.S. Forest Service recommended South Kalmiopsis Wilderness Addition. Nate Wilson photo.

This includes nickel mining at the scale of mountain top removal mining for coal that devastated vast areas of the Appalachian Mountains in the East. See the image below of the Nickel Mountain Mine at Riddle, Oregon or better yet explore the devastation on Google Earth.

So— please be patient and bear with us. We still working hard everyday to protect the North and South Kalmiopsis Roadless Areas, their wild rivers and creeks, and a whole lot more.

In the meantime you’ll find archived information and beautiful photos, plus a few quick updates that just wouldn’t wait.

Stay tuned and thank you for visiting Kalmiopsis Rivers and working to protect this Oregon treasure and West Coast conservation priority.

The Nickel Mountain Mine just outside of Riddle, Oregon as seen on Google Earth. See for yourself. This is real.

Coming soon:

  • Updates on the nickel mining threat that spawned the Southwestern Oregon Mineral Withdrawal and Southwest Oregon Watershed and Salmon Protection Act.
  • About the River Democracy Act that proposes Wild and Scenic River designation for six long-standing U.S. Forest Service Eligible Wild and Scenic Rivers and a lot more.
  • According to the latest USEPA’s Toxic Release Inventory, the metal mining industry again releases more toxic waste to the environment than any other industry sector in the U.S.
  • And more





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