A homegrown movement to protect the clear waters and wild rivers of Oregon's Kalmiopsis - Wild Rivers Coast

The Kalmiopsis and the Wild Rivers Coast

The Kalmiopsis Wildlands are rugged, geologically complex, and home to the National Wild & Scenic Illinois, Chetco and North Fork Smith Rivers—plus five U.S. Forest Service Candidate Wild and Scenic Rivers. These beautiful rivers are free flowing—from their headwaters to the Pacific Ocean and the spectacular Wild Rivers Coast. Their rare plant diversity is legendary.

With other free flowing streams, the rivers of the Kalmiopsis provide clean drinking water for downstream communities, wild salmon and steelhead for local economies and high quality recreation for visitors and locals. The clean water and native salmon of the Illinois River are essential to the famed Lower Wild and Scenic Rogue River 

Millions of years ago this ancient land acted as a climate refuge. It can again, if we take care of it. But metal strip mining threaten the wild National Forest headwaters of its beautiful creeks and rivers and almost a half century conservation. Learn about Kalmiopsis Wildlands (pronounced Kal-me-opsis) and this remote corner of Oregon and California and how to help.protect it. 

A first in Oregon | The North Fork Smith Outstanding Resource Waters
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Protect the North Fork Smith River, its tributaries and wetlands as Oregon’s first Outstanding Resource Waters
Updated 2/27/2017 - The State of Oregon is proposing to designate the National Wild and Scenic North Fork Smith River, its tributaries and associated wetlands as Outstanding Resource Waters, Read more
Southwestern Oregon Watershed and Salmon Protection Act reintroduced
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DeFazio, Huffman, Wyden, Merkley Proud to Help Protect Unique Southwest Oregon Lands from Mining
WASHINGTON—Reps. Peter DeFazio (D-OR) and Jared Huffman (D-CA) and Senators Ron Wyden (D-OR) and Jeff Merkley (D-OR) today secured a twenty-year ban on new mining projects in an ecologically Read more
Local support for a 20-year Southwest Oregon Mineral Withdrawal overwhelms a third time
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Support for Southwest Oregon Mineral Withdrawal is overwhelming
Forty-five thousand individuals, organizations, tribes, agencies, water districts, counties and city councils commented or signed petitions during two formal comment periods and two local hearings for the Southwestern Oregon Mineral Read more
Two companies hold most of the minng claims in withdrawal area
Two mining companies and what's called an association hold all but five of the existing federal mining claims in the U.S Forest Service and BLM's proposed 101,000 acre Southwestern Oregon Read more
EPA | Metal mining biggest toxic polluter in U.S. again
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Will the North Fork Smith River be Oregon’s first Outstanding Resource Waters?
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Officials get overwhelming support for river protection and resounding no to mines
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No place for the most polluting industry in America
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