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Kalmiopsis – Wild Rivers Coast Regions | Too special to mine

Confluence of Baldface Creek and Taylor Creek, just below the northeast corner of Red Flat Nickel Corporation's Cleopatra mining claims. J.R. Weir Photo.
Confluence of Baldface Creek and Taylor Creek, just below the northeast corner of Red Flat Nickel Corporation’s Cleopatra mining claims. J.R. Weir

Help protect some of the cleanest, clearest, wildest rivers in the nation from nickel strip mines.

The pristine headwaters of the National Wild and Scenic Smith and Illinois Rivers, near California and Oregon’s renowned Wild Rivers Coast, and the headwaters of the beloved Hunter Creek and Pistol River, only 10 miles from this spectacular coastline, are too special to mine and turn into industrial zones.

There’s already been four comment periods with 99.9% support for a proposal to close a little over 101,000 acres of priceless National Forest and BLM to new mining claims for 5 years. It would also require existing claim holders to prove their mining would comply with the laws of the United States before mining could begin. 

However, most of the 45,000 comments received asked for the maximum protection possible—a 20-year mineral withdrawal.  In September, the U.S. Forest Service and Bureau of Land Management amended their proposal to now be for 20-years instead of 5-years.

Urgent | We need your help to provide the maximum protection from strip mining for these beautiful rivers

In order to make the strongest possible case for extending the protection from 5 to 20 years, We need again to show overwhelming public support. A longer withdrawal will be critical in the likelihood that Congress remains gridlocked or worse. While the proposal has strong support, the metal mining industry—which emits 45% or all toxic pollution in the United States and gets the minerals on your public lands for free—has a powerful lobby and allies in Washington, D.C..

10 year old Isadora Millay testifying at Grants Pass hearing in favor of a 20-year mineral withdrawal
Isadora Millay at the Grants Pass hearing, speaking in support of the 20-year Southwestern Oregon Mineral Withdrawal.

So before December 1st, please join the over three hundred local residents, who braved narrow winding roads and a dark, rainy night to voice their support for the 20-year Southwest Oregon Mineral Withdrawal.

We’ve made it easy to go to the organization of your choice and sign one of their petitions in support of the 20-year Southwest Oregon Mineral Withdrawal.

Please sign one petition before December 1st.  Help protect the watersheds of North Fork Smith River and Rough and Ready and Baldface Creeks and headwaters of Hunter Creek and the North Fork Pistol River from metal mining, the most polluting industry in the United States.

Almost 250 attended the Gold Beach hearing and about 250 the Grants Pass hearing in September of 2015. Only 2 people spoke in opposition to the proposed withdrawal. Most asked that it be for 20 years. Pictured Gold Beach hearing.
testifying for the 20-year Southwestern Oregon Mineral Withdrawal to packed house of 350 or more.
On the evening of November 15th, despite the cold and rain, a record 350 people turned out for a third public hearing—this one in Brookings, Oregon. All but three of those who testified supported the 20-year mineral withdrawal. When a show of hands was asked for, the vast majority of the room raised their hands in support of the 20-year withdrawal.

Thank our members of Congress for their tireless work to protect the rivers of the Kalmiopsis and Wild Rivers Coast regions from nickel strip mining

In addition to supporting the 20-year Southwest Oregon Mineral Withdrawal, we also need to support the legislators, who’ve been working on this for so long and their legislation to make the withdrawal permanent.

You can help with that by sending a THANK YOU to  – Representatives Peter DeFazio and Jared Huffman and Senators Ron Wyden and Jeff Merkley and voice your support for the Southwest Oregon Watershed and Salmon Protection Act (S. 346 and H.R. 682).

These paired bills also include still-needed protection for 17 miles of the Wild & Scenic Chetco River, which many of you may remember, is currently protected by a temporary 5-year withdrawal that needs to be made permanent with legislation. 

Here is a short sample thank you to cut, edit, and paste. Add more about why you love these rivers and about the amazing botanical values of these areas if you’d like.

Dear ______________,
Thank you for introducing the Southwest Oregon Watershed and Salmon Protection Act to protect our precious wild rivers from the threat of mining at their headwaters. The Illinois, Smith, Pistol, and Chetco rivers and Hunter Creek are irreplaceable streams, and our South Coast communities depend on them all for clean drinking water, salmon fishing, and other recreation. I appreciate your leadership to protect these beautiful rivers into the future.

SEND via the following websites:

Senator Wyden: http://www.wyden.senate.gov/contact/

Senator Merkley: http://www.merkley.senate.gov/contact/

Representative DeFazio: http://defazio.house.gov/contact/email-me

Representative Huffman: http://huffman.house.gov/contact

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